Iris Insurance Game - a modern Classic for an Industry in Transition

Our insurance management simulation has taken a big step forward during the Corona crisis. Inspired by the extremely positive feedback from customers on our other two simulation series, "SysTeams Change" and "iMove weWin," we have taken it to a new level in terms of both content and didactics. Three innovations demonstrate this particularly clearly: the new Cockpits, the Iris Online Platform and the integration of Challenges.

The focus of Iris Insurance is on the successful performance and management of insurancecompanies in a competitive market. We have listened to the feedback of our longtimecustomers and have completely restructured and redesigned the presentation of businessfigures and market analyses: Executive Board cockpits for all key business areas now showall the information required for successful corporate management, prepared with graphicsand condensed to the essentials in terms of content.

With the all new Iris Online platform, all participants have full access to business results, market analyses, seminar-related materials and digital tools to support collaboration anddecision-making. We use Iris Online in various degree of intensity both in the fully virtualDistance Learning setup and in the face-to-face event.

Challenges are small breakout sessions that immerse participants in topics in a particularlyplayful and competitive way that helps them achieve seminar goals faster and moresustainably. At Iris Insurance the focus is on strategy, sales success, innovation or the abilityto grasp and manage the complex system of a company in a system model.

These new possibilities enable a balance between the teaching of technical content and theexperience of collaboration in teams and in the organisation. Thus, with the Iris Insurance Game, every customer receives exactly the simulation game-based seminar offering that bestsupports and advances their corporate goals and culture.