Corona does not stop education

During the Corona pandemic, seminars can only be held safely virtually. We have been staging our simulation games in their new distance-learning version for almost a year now.

In March 2020, the Corona pandemic changed all our lives. In the first two weeks of March 2020, we as riva hosted our simulation games onsite for our customers. With the start of the lockdown, this was suddenly no longer possible and the planned events had to be cancelled and postponed.

We at riva quickly made the decision to migrate our seminars to a distance learning model. As a first step, our change management simulation SysTeams Change could be held purely virtually by the end of April. SysTeams Change Lead and the Iris Insurance Game followed in the early summer of 2020. Since then, we have regularly implemented our simulation games online for our customers.

In addition to the simulation platform, we have also redesigned and optimized the didactics for the virtual environment. As in the face-to-face seminars, the focus in the distance learning version is also on "active learning". The targeted use of diverse collaboration and online methods lead to a real experience for the participants.

The overwhelmingly positive feedback from our participants shows us that the decision to run our business games online was exactly right. We are pleased and proud to be able to conduct our simulaiton games with our customers in the same high quality as we are accustomed to, even in the current situation. In particular, we are also grateful to our customers for their trust and support in the further development of our products.